Exploring Faith

All of us are on a journey.  And on this journey we will be confronted with some big questions about meaning, purpose and satisfaction in life.  You may be asking - What is life all about?  Who is God?  Is He real? Does He care? 

If you seek God with all your heart and soul you will find Him, and in Him, all the answers for life.  We would consider it a privilege to join you on your faith journey, as you seek answers for your life.

Who is Jesus?

The simple answer is – Jesus is God. God sent his son Jesus into the world to become a man, like us in every way except he lived a perfect and sinless life. And because of this he provided the way for us to restore our relationship and right-standing with God. Learn more.

What is Grace?

Grace is the free gift of salvation that God offers us through his son Jesus.

We wholeheartedly believe God Loves people and desires a close relationship with us.  However, by nature we are sinful, and sin keeps us separated from God. Jesus Christ, who is God’s son, came among us, voluntarily died to pay for our sins to remove the guilt that keeps us from having a relationship with Him.  His sacrificial death purchased a place in Heaven for us, which He offers as a free gift. When we accept this gift by faith by believing in Jesus to be our Lord and Savior, we receive His forgiveness and enter a life-changing relationship with Him that will last forever, even after this physical body dies.  Grace is amazing and totally out of this world.  Without grace, we would have no hope.  We desire to be a community that embodies the grace of God.