Exploring Faith

All of us are on a journey.  And on this journey we will be confronted with some big questions about meaning, purpose and satisfaction in life.  You may be asking - What is life all about?  Who is God?  Is He real? Does He care? 

If you seek God with all your heart and soul you will find Him, and in Him, all the answers for life.  We would consider it a privilege to join you on your faith journey, as you seek answers for your life.

Who is Jesus?

The simple answer is – Jesus is God. God sent his son Jesus into the world to become a man, like us in every way except he lived a perfect and sinless life. And because of this he provided the way for us to restore our relationship and right-standing with God. Learn more.


Do you have questions about life, God, faith? One-to-One provides you with someone to sit with, in a casual, safe, setting, to talk about the big things and little things of life you want to explore. You will find a listening ear and a loving heart, as we walk beside you in your life journey.

Grace Connections

This informal, discussion-based, 3 week class helps those who are new to our community learn what we believe, the history of our church, what our mission is, ways to get connected, membership and baptism.