Our Pastor

Pastor Devin Livingston came to Community of Grace in November 2016 from Calvert County Maryland where he served our sister Grace Brethren Church.  He completed his M.Div. from George W. Truett seminary at Baylor University in 2008 and has been in ministry for over 10 years in the Maryland and Virginia area.  His wife Katherine is a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner (WHNP) and works for a private practice in the Richmond area.   They are no strangers to the Richmond area and are excited to invest and take root in the soil God has planted them. 

Pastor Devin has a heart for the Gospel – the good news – that Jesus came to save us and provide us with all that we need for life and for eternity and he has a passion for the needs of the community.  He is blessed to be able to serve Community of Grace Church.

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The Elders

An elder believes God has called him to be a spiritual mentor to others. He willingly serves as a model and leader for the congregation (Acts 14.23; 1 Peter 5.1-4; 1 Timothy 3; Titus 1; Acts 20.28-31). The Elder Council provides spiritual oversight to guide and grow the church. These men give support to the church staff and serve as a helping hand to carry out the various responsibilities that are present in the life of a church.  

John Schoeneweis grew up in and around Washington DC, where his parents, two sisters and their families still live.  John and his wife Ann have three children, Jennifer, Caroline and Spencer; they have attended Community of Grace since 2005.  John has traveled extensively both with the U.S. Marine Corps and his current position with the U.S. Department of Defense.  The Lord has used each of these careers to open John’s heart toward the global work of God and being God’s voice in this world.

Dick Detrick accepted Jesus Christ as His Savior as a college skeptic.  He has been married 52 years to the love of his life, Johnnie.  One of his sons and his daughter-in-law and grandchildren are also members of our congregation. Dick likes to travel, read, play golf, cheer for his wife at swim meets, and teach classes on evolution and creationism in our church.  Dick is a huge news junkie and loves to eat oysters.

Charlie Staton has a rich heritage of faith.  As a teenager he was very active in a boys club and youth group.  Even as a teen he taught a Sunday School class of 8-9 year old boys.  He married Loretta, a girl from his hometown of Buena Vista.   As charter members of Community of Grace, Charlie & Loretta have seen many changes.  However, they stand as a testimony to the unchanging grace of God.   Charlie had a unique role in the construction of Community of Grace’s present building. He continues to love to study & teach God’s Word.

The Deacons

A deacon is respected for spiritual wisdom and faithful service. The deacon has a sensitive ear to the congregation’s needs. The Bible speaks to this important ministry in Acts 6.1-6 and 1 Timothy 3.8-13. The Deacon Council serves the physical needs of the congregation so that the Elder Council can continue in the ministry of prayer and of the Word of God.  

We have a wonderful group of faithful deacons who serve our church.