Become a Member

Any person who has publicly confessed that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and has accepted Him as their Lord and Savior may become a member of our church.
We believe it is vitally important for followers of Jesus to have a community of believers they can belong to for fellowship, worship, and prayer.  As well as have the opportunity to learn from one another and serve together.  Membership is not only an individual committing to serve and belong to a local congregation, but it is the congregation committing to the individual to love, encourage and build them up as well. As we commit to one another we desire to model the early church we see outlined in the book of Acts.
If you desire to become a member of Community of Grace we ask you to attend one of our Grace Connection classes that we offer periodically through the year and have a conversation with our pastor.  A time will be arranged for you to come before the congregation during our Sunday morning worship to acknowledge your desire for membership and your faith in Jesus Christ.


We would love for you to be a part of Community of Grace!