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Where kids ages 3 - K go to experience Jesus' love.

Knowing Jesus Through Exploration

We know that as a parent, your child having the opportunity to form a relationship with Jesus from a young age is important, and we couldn't agree more! That's why here, at Community of Grace, we make sure that each of our experiences on Sunday are tailored to make big concepts much more understandable.

For preschool, that means going on explorations!

Every week preschoolers at Grace go on an adventure with Ms.Emily as she explores the Bible with her friend Star. On this adventure they sing and dance with Mr. Music, and learn a bible verse with Guy the Bible guy!

A Typical Sunday

Here at Community of Grace, our Preschool classroom follows the Bible App for Kids Curriculum by Life Church (the church that created the super popular YouVersion bible app).

For your kid that means:

  • 20 minutes of play that help your child to develop positive relationships with our volunteers.
  • A new object lesson every week that take figurative concepts and make them a bit more literal.
  • An interactive video that will have your child dancing, clapping, and wiggling their ears.
  • "Picture Passes" that bring the concepts from the video to real life!
  • Traditional story time, where we spend more time learning about the Bible with pictures and actions.

It also means that our curriculum has an App designed to be used coherently at home. Conveniently named "Bible app for Kids" it uses the same cartoons and has additional fun games for your child to continue learning at home.

Every week we will also send your preschooler home with a short overview "coloring page" to give you another way to bring what your child is learning home.